Maternal Health Service

Promotes positive pregnancy outcomes- a healthy mother and a healthy baby through.
Antenatal Care

It carefully identifying risk factors, diagnosing complications early, managing the complications and providing health education for mothers and their unborn babies to remain healthy. This is best achieved when mothers book early for antenatal care, preferably as soon as a menstrual period is missed-(within first 3 months of pregnancy- confirmed through pregnancy test)

Clean and Safe Delivery

Best ensured by skilled health professionals when monitoring labour, performing deliveries and during postnatal care

Essential Obstetric Care

This ensures care is provided for high risk pregnancies and complications during antenatal period, labour, delivery and postnatal care

Mom Connect Programme

Pregnant mothers enjoy the privilege of being registered on the programme and receive supportive messages throughout pregnancy and after delivery.  Mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their babies exclusively for six months while actively involved in spacing and timing for the next pregnancy through prevention using Family planning methods while supported by their partners.
Maternal Death Notification

Should a woman lose her life while pregnant or within 42 days after delivery. The department must be notified.

Contact person; Mrs Lolly Mashao @015 293 6073

Deputy Director: Maternal Health